This past weekend there was a national tragedy that took place, something no one could’ve ever imagined.  A mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida left 50 people dead and 53 injured.  They are accrediting the attack to Islamic terrorist group ISIS and acting nationally as such.

image  Omar Mateen is the leading suspect for the attack and was killed in the warfare of trying to end the destruction.   It took place at Pulse Nightclub, just off of Orange Ave late Saturday night.  The scene was horrific, almost like something out of a movie.  Civilians helping others who were wounded, carrying victims still alive to any moving vehicle to transport them to the hospital for treatment.  It was even such a tragedy that Obama was enabled to uplift a HIPA law that justifies the amount of personal information to be released about a patient.  imageAll political leaders have made comments in regards to the event itself and the way that the officials of the nation have handled it.  Donald Trump’s was the most lude response of course as he took to Twitter to vent his feelings.  

imageText messages of family members who were alive long enough to say goodbye are taunting the Internet.  Victims of the families are in deep mourning as the week opens with no justice for their loved ones.  Orlando has been under high alert and everyone is moving at a slower rate with the anticipation of another possible attack.  We spoke with a victim’s family member who was in the attack.  She says that there was only 1 gunman reported but there are 2 more that the media has not spoken about in attempts to save some of the face of the country and relieve some of the tension of the city.  In the months to come things may get tighter and tighter in the Central Florida area, hopefully for the betterment of everyone.  

imageTo stay updated keep checking CNN, as they have the latest updates on the case and all of the politics surrounding it.

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