Beauty Tip Tuesday :Pots Of Honey Boob Tape

The Brand Pots of honey has its bestseller yet!  It’s breathable, and manufactured for all boob types.  As a double “D”, I for know all about being filled with high hopes and expectations for a good tape. Pots of honey Boob Tape is 95% cotton and also 5% spandex giving the product the comfortable stableness we all need in the […]

Some People are Experience Psychotic Symptoms Post COVID

As we go on throughout the year, the covid virus seems like it is here to stay. The longer it affects the earth, then we discover more and more about it. Now it has been reported that a small number of individuals are experiencing severe Psychotic symptoms. All patients never had any pre-existing mental issues but have all suffered from […]

Let’s Not Forget How Important the Black Vote Is

This past 2020 election has been a focal point on everybody’s mind, even though it’s been a full month after the election. Now that the hype is dying down, let’s not forget the importance of the black vote. This election we turned out in droves to get rid of Trump, but we should have that same political vitriol for all […]

COVID 19 cancels the Ashanti & Keyshia Cole Verzuz Battle!

The moment we had all been waiting on has been postponed due to COVID-19. Yesssssss we’re big mad about this too! Literally just before the event , Ashanti took to Instagram to announce she had tested positive for COVID-19. The world was ready for the hit-for-hit battle; however, Ashanti’s diagnosis has obviously squashed those plans. “Hey all, I can’t believe […]

Olivia Jade Takes a Seat at The Red Table

“We’re going to get some HEAT for this one” Jada Pinkett-Smith Red Table Talk is a Facebook Watch show hosted by 3 generations of black women; Jada Pinkett-Smith, her daughter Willow, and her mother Gammy. The show has  now become a place where celebrities can come for redemption. Jordyn Woods, Snoop, and TI have all found themselves at the table after […]

Sippin & Shoppin with Hood Brat

One thing you’ll know about Pretty Hustlaz is that we are BIG on networking. It’s events like these for us because not only do you get to support some emerging brands you get to meet the creators of those brands. Hood Brat recently hosted a sip & shop and it was an entire vibe! The Love & Hip Miami reality […]


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