Beauty Tip Tuesday:Why You Should Change Your Nail Set

Getting your nails done is a must in the glamour community. When you are a beginner to nail salon society, the rules are not explained. In result, this leaves plenty of room for common mistakes. Today we are going to talk about how often you should change your nail set and why. When  A new set is recommended when there […]

Meet Akira of Organic Jusu, Making Self-Care a Way of Life .

We live in a busy world full of processed sugars and antidepressants. It’s bogging down our minds and our bodies as they scream out for something raw and natural. Thanks Akira, we’re happy to discuss Organic Jusu , since it’s getting all the buzz around Brooklyn…Tell us How you decided to start this brand? “Jusu really found ME! In early […]

Meet Ayah Hadiyah,15-Year-Old CEO that Launched “@NameBrandTheLabel” Couture for the Culture

Thanks, Ayah for sitting down with Pretty Hustlaz (socially distanced of course). We’re excited to learn about everything you’re doing with Name Brand the Label. Tell us a bit about the meaning behind “Name Brand the Label”. “Well I live in Houston, TX and George Floyd’s murder really affected me. It made me feel angry that in my short lifetime […]

Lola Chél: Dean of Model University

Are you ready to find your niche in the modeling industry? Do you need a little inspiration? Well, look no further because Lola Chél, founder of Model University is here to help. Meet the Dean of Model University Briana Janay: “When did you begin your modeling career?” Lola Chél: “So, that’s always really a very good question to start with […]

Pick The Right Foundation For Your Skin

For flawless makeup picking the perfect foundation for your skin type is crucial. There are countless of options to choose from Liquid, Cream, Cream-To-Powder, full coverage, etc. Narrowing down your search and saving as much time as possible is knowing your skin.  Acne-Prone Skin If you are one more prone to acne, medium to full coverage foundation is recommended. Full […]

Pretty Hustlaz gets the inside scoop on how Instagram helped unite long lost sisters Aujah and Wooda of Dynamic Duo ‘404 Vybez’

After meeting on Instagram and finding out they were sisters , group members, Aujah and Imani, formed 404 Vybez to share their passion in music.  In just little time of their group formation, they have been able to grace the stages with their amazing high energy . This hot , talented duo, 404 Vybez, has only been a group for […]


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