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The Phinc Network is the fastest growing networking phenomenon among women of all degrees and cultures. Rockstarr Diva, the brainchild behind Pretty Hustlaz and the network has vowed to build a powerful network of positive and productive women, who are confident in their hustle and secure enough in their movement to support the goals and efforts of other women like themselves.


Pretty Hustlaz the Entertainment entity of The PHiNC Network was born December 2008. This brand was developed to have more women in the Entertainment realm work with and for each other in order to ensure the success of every ambitious woman. This created an uplifting spirit that many women quickly embraced and surely wanted to  be a part of this oh so “Pretty” movement! While Pretty Hustlaz surrounds the urban, hip-hop atmosphere, The PHiNC Network surrounds the community, fashion lifestyle and business atmosphere. The two networks still have the same objective and that is to support attractive, intelligent, career-minded and independent women on their paths of success.


Many have made the mistake of assuming that only in a euphoric world could successful career driven women join forces for the purpose of accomplishment. Many have also forgotten the strength of a woman’s wills, her determination and entrepreneurial spirit. Picture the scene of the reality of this euphoric world; where djs, actors, journalists, rappers/singers, producers, exotic dancers, performers, and writers all exist in an effort to not only network but also provide each other with support and anything else their colleagues have to offer. Imagine a world where women in the entertainment realm can work with and for each other in order to ensure the success of every ambitious woman, one women at a time.


Transform thoughts into dreams…

Dreams into reality and you have….

The PHINC Network. 



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