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Everyone has their own name that they use to describe the famous city of Atlanta, Georgia. With movies like the prestigious Fast & Furious series being shot there, famous festivals like All3Coasts Music Festival and entertainment based events daily, it is considered “The New Hollywood”.  This past weekend, Pretty Hustlaz correspondent WorldWideKeege submerged into the culture of Atlanta Entertainment.  



Popular nightclub and lounge, Department Store, held its first Schweinbeck & Mixtape Monopoly Mixer/ Industry Showcase of the year on Thursday. Hosted by the first lady of Mixtape Monopoly, Schweinbeck. Schweinbeck is the management for Sy Ari Da Kid, Kato, and Damar Jackson (Headlining performer).  Her brand has been built on longevity and consistency.  She started having the Industry Mixer/Showcase back in 2012 and has been able to consistently pave a way for Atlanta Artists. Acts among Damarcus Jackson, Nesha Nicee,  and others graced the stage. The prominent culture of support in  Atlanta Entertainment was displayed as adoring fans of performers sung their music. The event was open to the public which created a nice mix of people in the building.

On Friday, WWK stepped into the private listening party of Big Cuz for his newest project “This Mixtape Is W.A.C. (We Ain’t Cool)”.  Along with others like Cool Amerika, he is under the management of KingPin and Promo Vatican. She was able to ask him a few questions. 



WWK: With songs like “I just want a million” and “Get it out the bowl” , I have to ask.  What inspires your music? Where did you come from to want so much?

BC: The west end of Atlanta. No taking losses, I took too many already.   I have 9 kids and a household I take care of. I made sure I was Overcoming life & being an active artist.

WWK:   Lyrics from your single “She Ready”.  Speak loudly on Atlanta Entertainment Culture; The famous gentlemen’s clubs in the city create a need for this music.  How do you show support for the Pretty Hutslaz in your music? Do you have any Songs for the ladies who don’t dance?  

BC: Besides “She Ready”, I haven’t released anything strictly for the ladies since February 2014.  I released a valentine’s day mixtapes.  You can listen online at LiveMixtapes to that too.   

If you enjoy melodic rap and beats with bass this mixtape is definitely a must.  You can visit LiveMixtapes.com for free download or streaming.



Mixing, Music, and what better to end the weekend with than Modeling? Collaborated private casting call at Atlanta’s famous House of Shoots on Saturday was phenomenal.  SoOfficial Productions teamed up with Bad Mag Online to host the event. Beautiful models lined the studio in swimwear sipping Moscato as each got their turn in front of  ShowOut (SoOfficial) and Caesar (BadMag Online).



The atmosphere was friendly and competitive as renowned director & House of Shoots owner, Joe Young, added his flavor behind the scenes.  Take a look at Bad Mag Online at BadMag.net and stay tuned with more work from SoOfficial, Bad Mag and the House of Shoots team.  

Fun, right?  There will be this and more coming up like CIAA, SXSW, Buku Fest 2k16.  Stay Tuned for the next event coverage by WorldWideKeege!

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  1. ShowOut 4 years ago

    This is so dope had a blast and cant wait to do so much more together.

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