When your a pretty hustla,you are always on the go. Many things to do in different settings will have you getting dressed in some random places such as public bathrooms , closets in public. Today we are focusing on what to do then we have to get dressed in a car. Getting dressed in the car can be difficult especially when you are someone with long legs. Here are some tips that may help you be prepared for getting dressed in the car for things to run more smoothly.

Tip #1

The first thing you need to do it bring the things that you need.If your on the go and know that you won’t have time to get ready comfortably it is important to bring necessities.

Things you may need :

  • Makeup
  • Hair Tools and products
  •  Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Hygiene

Tip #2


Its important to keep it simple . Make up the helps out your look by a ton. Don’t forget the Eyelashes , brow pencil, foundation , powder highlight and contour pallet. Bring 3 brushes you can’t live with out. (remember blending is key )

note : there is no need to bring a lot of brushes the less make up the better. it is important to keep make up simple for the sake of keeping all clothes clean.

Tip #3

Hair Tools and Products

It is a time saver if you have a hair style that will last all day. if your hair easily gets messy take a brush or comb.

note : Buns are a secure hair style appropriate for every occasion and can stay all day with the right products .


Tip #4


When it comes to clothes less is more . Dresses are always the quickest thing to get in and out of.  Unless where your going has a mandatory dress code, dark colors are always best. Dark clothes are less likely to look dirty and if accidents happen while in the car its easy to pull it off. Material that may be hard to wrinkle is highly recommended while getting dressed in tight places.


Tip #5


If you can where the same shoes all day try to because less is more, however if you have to switch shoes the less straps are better. easy on and off shoes are always best for on the go.


Tip #6


Make sure to take products that will vastly refresh your look and appearance and body oder. Deodorant, perfume, mouth wash, lip balm and products for your hair.

Note : Main Focus is that you are fresh and ready to go to the next destination 

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