Noteworthy Brooklyn Socialite, Azia, is dominating the creative scene from B.E.T. reality series, Music Artistry and even Cosmetics.

  B.E.T.  Credited socialite,  Azia, is an Electric multifaceted recording artist that is ready to showcase her sound and versatility with the new project ” A Whole Mood” and eye-popping visual release of new single “Eat it Up”. This Brooklyn girl has been featured on the BET reality series...

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Meet Majidah Muhammad, Mompreneur and Home School Expert changing the lives of thousands of families with “The Learning Cove”..

In times such as these, Majidah is certainly a woman to know! Faced with the educational uncertainty of 2020,  Majidah began looking for dynamic ways to keep her 2 children engaged in learning while dealing with the pandemic and forced home confinement (Covid-19). Majidah decided to create customized work...

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