We live in a busy world full of processed sugars and antidepressants. It’s bogging down our minds and our bodies as they scream out for something raw and natural.

Thanks Akira, we’re happy to discuss Organic Jusu , since it’s getting all the buzz around Brooklyn…Tell us How you decided to start this brand?

“Jusu really found ME! In early 2019 I embarked on a personal mission for health and happiness. I started attending Yoga and Pilates classes; and it’s safe to say I learned more than a downward dog! I learned that great health is happiness. I began juicing, and lost 10 pounds in 10 days!”

That’s AMAZING congratulations. Detoxing can be daunting, how did you make it through?

“Detoxes literally can break you down but by the end, you feel like your best self. I was beginning to feel better than ever and the best part is that I was doing it naturally! It was then that I knew I had to share my passion with others who were looking for something refreshing, accessible, affordable, and – of course –  tasty!”

Ok, Let’s talk about accessiblity .

“I’m here in Flatbush and there’s Chinese food everywhere on every corner and I’m glad I stopped eating that because now my mental physical and spiritual. We care because we know we are only as good as our customers!  We want to see you become the healthiest and happiest version of yourself and we believe that journey begins here! Our juices are raw, cold-pressed, and made with love and intention from only the best organic produce.”

We love the packaging, it’s so adorable! The colors really are giving “insta-vibes”. Tell us about how you determined the look of your product.

“I started with mason jars. Then my friend gifted me bottles and we decided to bottle it up!  I did a lot of different prototypes, I noticed the glass didn’t work for shipping and it was really heavy too. Then my designer added the lotus flower to represent peace & prosperity. “

Glad to hear that you put soo much care into these juices. What can Our readers expect tastewise when they order?

“Well, Jusu is actually Japanese for juice. We pair all the healthy “stuff” with a nice blend of fruits and other special ingredients that make the taste yummy.” 

Thanks Akira for sitting down with Pretty Hustlaz. Before we go give our audience some tips for staying pretty while hustling.

“Eat your fruits and vegetables to keep you snatched! And Jusu , definitely helps with your skin with even just one a day. Time management is your best friend. Stay consistent and want it whatever your your it is. There might be days where you get zero sales but keep your eyes on the prize!  GET A TEAM I’m soo grateful to my Coach Nicole Tiovanni and 1925 Consulting, Get a team Sis ! No matter what you have to sacrifice, you will be soo much more further along than someone without a plan !”



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