Thanks, Ayah for sitting down with Pretty Hustlaz (socially distanced of course). We’re excited to learn about everything you’re doing with Name Brand the Label.

Tell us a bit about the meaning behind “Name Brand the Label”.

“Well I live in Houston, TX and George Floyd’s murder really affected me. It made me feel angry that in my short lifetime I have seen so many instances of Black People experiencing injustice. Soo… I decided to do something about it …NAMEBRAND the Label is the anti-brand for those who are anti-system. This is our artistic expression against a system that created and encourages Black poverty while exploiting Black dollars. “

Wow, Ayah, we’re always excited to see the Youth take a stand…that’s AWESOME. How does your artistic expression translate into the awesome unisex aesthetic we see with Namebrand?

“I created the aesthetic and the color scheme with my mom I wanted “my name” all over it !!! I am known as a Fashionista, Fashion is everything I am I’ve been called a fashionista my entire life everyone knows I’m going to be EXTRA it doesn’t matter if I’m going to a fast-food restaurant. So I thought of ways to affirm black excellence and the brand speaks volumes about that. “

Ok, specifically, tell us a little more about the colors and what they represent?

“Red is my all-time favorite color I think of firepower everyone I see that color. Black and white is “the one” because it’s a classic for me. All these colors are also very unisex soo Women or Men can wear them.”

Got it, soo now that you’re starting to garner attention online what are the next steps for your marketing plan?

“I promote on my blog and I run Instagram ads. I love love love using Twitter, especially Black Twitter it’s SOO FUN. I use the “gain trains” on Twitter all the time. AND since Houston is a city that’s open during this pandemic, I plan on doing some pop-up shops with my mentor Ms. Nicole Tiovanni.”

​Well, I want to commend you Ayah, you’ve done an amazing job ! It’s truly our pleasure to be the first platform to feature you and Name Brand . Before we go…give the Pretty Hustlaz’ audience some tips for being “pretty” and being a “hustler”.

My number one advice for being pretty is confidence! Never have low esteem. Hustler tips, always know it’s” me vs me” never get discouraged. Master the craft of staying in your own lane. I learned by watching Lebron James, that I can be me without adjusting to outsiders perceptions of what they think I should do!

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