What were some of your musical influences?

“Music has always been part of me, since I was very very little at home my parents were playing  the Beatles, Bob Marley, Elvis Presley, Bonnie M, Michael Jackson also Spain’s influences from my mum side like Lola Flores, La Pantoja, Karina Spanish divas you know…”


Why did you decide to focus on a trap sound?

 “I love it because I can dance on it in the club, you can twerk until you die, drives me crazy.”


Tell me about the most interesting experience you’ve had yet Stateside.

“I just been in the VIP at King of Diamonds in Miami With 50cent, Migos, Sean Kingston and Red Cafe… as a Stripper.”


How are you able to keep up the balance with your music career and personal life?

“I love traveling. I love partying with my friends the most and family time of course. I love money too lol! Above all, I love to work on my spirit to understand the meaning of life through meditation or reading.  I love mysticism.”


Can you tell us some tips for fellow Pretty Hustlaz?

“I think it’s very important to work to try to be a better person to have a better world. I know it’s not easy but step by step like everything in life.”‘

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