Beauty Tip Tuesday : Head Wapping For Beginners

Whats cute , trendy , and chic all in one ? The answer is completely obvious due to the title. Time and time I would see this style on other women and always wondered how. After countless failed attempts of this super cute undo I just had to look it up. “Duh” something I should’ve done a long time ago . Ive looked at many different ways and found out this method the easiest and quickest. I am sharing a step by step technique that any one can do.

What You Need

  • hair tie
  • scarf

Optional Needs

  • gel
  • toothbrush
  • brush



Step One

It will be ideal to put your hair in a bun as far to the top of your head as you can. this will act as a base to your head wrap. (where you will knot it)

Step Two

once you put your hair in a bun, you may take the scarf and hold it end to end. You will start by placing the scarf around your head starting from the back of the head. With one end wrap you will tie a loop knot forward. it should be in the middle top of your hair line.

Step Three

There will be parts of extra scarf to cover your full head make sure the scarf covers your bun. after you made a loop knot you will have two peace of the scarf hanging from your head.the part closest to your right you will hold in your right hand and the piece   closest to your left will be held on the left hand.

Step Four

As you have the scarf in your hand you will warp the right side going left around the bun and the left side to the left side around the bun. the loop knot it.

Step Five

tuck in any loose parts of the scarf and last put not least the baby hairs.


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