B.O.B Creates GO Fund Me To Prove Earth Is Flat Theory

So since elementary school, we have all been taught that the Earth was round. However, over the last few years a lot of people have contested this theory. In 2016, B.O.B tweeted that the Earth was flat, “No matter how high in the elevation you are… the horizon is always eye level.” He supported his theory by posting pictures at different altitudes and angles. He is now putting his money where his mouth is and starting a $200,000 GO Fund Me project to prove the Earth is flat.

With the money collected from the GO Fund Me campaign, B.O.B is hoping to place multiple satellites in space in hopes of getting a clear shot of Earth.  Now although a number of celebrities agree with his theory, to date he has only raised $125. Earlier this year, Kyrie Irving revealed that also believed the world was flat during NBA All Star Weekend. This resulted in memes and jokes as both NBA players and social media reacted to Irving revealing his theory.

It will be interesting to see what becomes of this Go Fund Me account. With today’s technology it would be dope to find out the true shape of the Earth. We know that Christopher Columbus originally tested the theory that if the Earth was round, he would just fall off. During that time, majority of people believed the Earth was flat. Which is what the history books have taught us. It would be great to see exactly what the satellites show.

B.O.B is from the Triad area in NC, exactly 25 minutes from I live. So maybe one day when he’s in town we can sit down and discuss this theory in depth.

Speaking of the world… Did you know it was supposed to end today?


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