After a long awaited return, Issa and the crew are back to give us something to look forward to on Sunday nights during this quarantine. Tonight’s episode hit a little different; Issa seems to be moving towards walking in her purpose and “leaving things that don’t serve her” and I couldn’t be more proud. Of course, it wouldn’t be insecure if there wasn’t a curve ball thrown in there. Issa’s curve ball is her ex, Lawrence. To make matters worse Issa has developed a professional relationship with Lawrence’s new boo. Whew! Although it sounds like a lot everyone involved seems to be doing their all to keep things from getting messy but I honestly don’t know how long that will last. The question after the 30 min episode quickly flew by is how should you handle an ex?

Of course the answer to that question depends on the relationship itself. If you ended badly then obviously the best thing to do is to stay away altogether.  But for those who have ended amicably, it can be a tough choice to make. On one hand, it’s not crazy to want to keep someone who you’ve shared so many experiences with close. On the other hand, “Forgiveness does not require reconnection.” It’s no secret that dealing with your ex can make things messy, especially when it comes to moving on or dealing with new people. Mya said it best, “How you gonna act, How you gonna handle that, What you gonna do when he/she wants you back?” I’m not saying that this is always the case with exes but it does happen. So let us know? Do you believe exes should remain in the past? Or do you remain friends after the break up? Sound off below!

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