So many innocent lives are taken too soon these days, and most of them due to ignorance and fear.  In the case of 18 year old, Bianca Roberson, she just happened to be merging into the wrong lane at the wrong time.

Last week, shortly after buying clothes for her leave to college this fall, where she would have been attending Jacksonville, University, Bianca Roberson was driving down a highway in Pennsylvania, when she and man who has recently been identified as, David Desper, were trying to merge into the same lane simultaneously.  Even though the two swerved and didn’t collide, Desper was angry enough at the fact that Roberson had even attempted, and pulled out his 40 caliber gun and shot the young lady in the head.  She was instantly killed and her car swerved off of the road running into a tree.

The driver and assailant that shot her drove away furiously after realizing what he had done.  Once Bianca Roberson’s body and car were found, the police use surveillance footage to determine who the other driver was and urged him to turn hisself in.

Last night, after 3 days of waiting, 28 year old David Desper, had his appointed attorney turn him into authorities and earlier today he was arrested and indicted on a count of murder 1st degree and 3rd degree murder, possession of the instrument of crime and recklessly endangering people.

Be safe today ladies.  If someone wants the lane, it’s not that big of a deal.  The largest rule of the road is to drive for others not yourself, and in riving for others you are driving for yourself.

We wish her family the deepest condolences.

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