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Ayesha Curry’s “Holiday Cookie Competition” !

Fans will get a chance to get close to the Curry’s this holiday season.  Since Ayesha has started her cooking show on the Food Network, she has decided to hold a Holiday Cookie Competition.  She is looking for the best cookie recipe.  The winner will receive a copy of her...

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The Curry’s #MannequinChallenge !

The mannequin challenge is taking over the internet just like any of the other challenges swiping the streets but they keep getting better and better.  This week the top ranking video is from a restaurant that your favorite sports couple debuted in.  The video is in a restaurant and...

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Ayesha Curry’s Own Cooking Show Coming To Food Network!

Steph Curry with the shots and Ayesha Curry with the cook up !  The basketball star wife is starting her own Cooking show in the Food Network.  She has always been a great cook and claims that that may be how Curry fell in love with her in an...

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Mommy Don’t Play That: Ayesha Curry Claps Back At Reporters Whining That Riley Curry Is A “Distraction”

  Ayesha Curry Responds To Criticism About Daughter Riley Curry Ayesha Curry heard that people have been hatin’ on Riley, and she’s got something to say about it… Via TIME Anyone who knows our family knows we are extremely low maintenance, no fuss, and very relaxed. You walk into...

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