Music Monday: TLC Releases Album From Kickstarter Fund

On Friday TLC released their much-anticipated fifth and final album, self entitled TLC. The project originated two years ago when Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins an Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas requested $150,000 through Kickstarter to fund their project. Over 4000 fans including Katy Perry supported the duo bringing in $430,000 well over the $150,000 requested. This is the first album since the death of third member Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez in 2002.

TLC was the epitome of Girl Power in the 90s with their sexy music, colorful fashion, and pwerful statements including wearing a condom over one eye in “Aint to proud to beg” video. Every girl looked up to at least one of the TLC members. When the request for the funds came, the fans answered in massive numbers.

Now, TLC took a huge gamble by releasing the album on the same day at Jay Z’s 4:44. However their album date was already set when Jay Z announced on June 19 his release date. 11 days was not much time to make a decision, so the ladies chose to move forward with the release.  Early numbers have not been released, but TLC had the TLC Army backing them  and excited about the release. The album was two years in the making and solely funded by fans of the group, which makes it unique.

Was the album worth the wait or the money? Time and reviews will tell over the next couple of weeks.



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