‘Empire’ Draws 16.2 Million Viewers for Season 2 Premiere




According to the New York times The Fox hit “Empire” got off to a strong start on last night  with 16.2 million people tuning into its second-season premiere, according to data from Nielsen. “Empire” was a breakaway hit in its first season, with improbable week-to-week viewership growth over the course of 10 weeks, leading into a season finale, broadcast in May, that attracted 16.7 million viewers.“Empire’s” first-season run was 12 episodes. This season, much to Fox executives’ delight, there will be 18 episodes. Last night’s  episode featured guest stars including Chris Rock and Marisa Tomei, and cameos from CNN’s Don Lemon and the fashion editor André Leon Talley. After viewing the season 2 premier there is no way we are missing “Empire” on any given Wednesday! Shots out to Taraji P. Henson for making the Hustle look so Pretty, #TeamCookie showed up and showed out at our Season 2 Premiere party at Off The Wall Boutique!




View more photos from #EmpireAtOffTheWall watch party here: http://bit.ly/1QBUE6y



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