Kerry Washington Postponing Scandal Due To Pregnancy.

Kerry Washington is facing some issues with the new season of Scandal and her mommy duties.  To start, just because of that the entire lineup of shows that is specially branded on Thursdays must be changed and Scandal’s airing time had to be taken out of it.  They replaced...

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Teen in Texas Dies From Hickey !

A young girl will never be able to suckle without thinking about whether she could cause a death again.  This week 17 year old Julio Gonzales died shortly after having a stroke while sitting at his parents dinner table in Texas.  He alarmed his family with his bodily reaction,...

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Hollywood Divas Reality Star Music Video Fail.

Hollywood Divas Reality Star Music Video Fail.

Former The Parkers sitcom star, Countess Vaughn, is approaching getting back in the game.  On some of the episodes of the BET favorite, they would display her singing talents through various scenarios, but she never really emerged with a singing career.  Maybe her recent marriage has sparked some new inspiration in...

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Malia Obama caught smoking pot by police!!

The first daughter of the United States was put under scrutiny for expressing herself the way any American teenage girl would. Malia Obama was spotted rocking out and having fun at Lollapalooza a couple of weeks ago and tabloids ate up her “ twerking” video someone posted on social media.  This...

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Event Coverage With WorldWideKeege

Everyone has their own name that they use to describe the famous city of Atlanta, Georgia. With movies like the prestigious Fast & Furious series being shot there, famous festivals like All3Coasts Music Festival and entertainment based events daily, it is considered “The New Hollywood”.  This past weekend, Pretty...

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