Cardi B issued a warning to all cheaters with her single Be Careful that was released on Friday. It has been rumored that the song is an Offset diss, but Cardi and Offset appear to be still going strong. The song does talk about ignoring text, communicating with ex’s, and stumbling when trying to get their story right. Ladies we can all relate to this at some point in our life. Cardi warns the cheaters, your karma could be who you end up with. Now with the rumor that Offset may have a new little one (ironically named Karma), it may be his warning.

This song is a little different from the litt Cardi we know and love, but definitely a potential anthem. The song gives a nice 90s vibe, puts me in the mind of Eve’s story telling lyrics mixed with a little Lauren Hill vibe. I’m definitely feeling it.

Cardi also announced last week that her much anticipated debut album: Invasion of Privacy will be dropping on April 6. Fans have been waiting for this since the success of Bodak Yellow.

For those that not have heard Be Careful or love it and want to hear it more, the audio is below.


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