Ever wondered about getting stiletto? They look so fabulous; a stiletto nail shape gets its name for the resemblance of a stiletto. People also call them claws, grabbers and pokers.It cost between 45$- 85$ depending on the salon you go to. They also regularly regulate nail job life of up to two weeks.For those individuals that don’t know much about this popular manicure style often wonder how it would be like to get these nails. This nail style is the true definition of fabulous if you’re a glam queen but here are the 5 cons that are not a big deal but definitely something to think about when you get them.

Holes in clothes 

These beautiful nails might ruin your favorite pants and shirt if you’re too rough putting your clothes on. It’s important to be extremely careful and aware of where your points are .

Makeup application problems

Many individuals poked themselves in the if there not to be careful. It doesn’t happen often but may happen if you’re not used to having the length of the shape. 

Body part scratches 

While you sleep you may wake up with some scratches but not to be alarmed it came from you. For the first few days your nails can be really sharp so it’s important  to sleep cautiously 

Maintain or be in pain

You have to maintain these nails. It’s not wise to wait till the last minute to get them redone especially if they’re long. You don’t want to feel that pain where your nail bends because you moved the wrong way.

Keep away from infants 

It’s very easy to hurt a child with your nails so be careful to stay away from infants when your nails are this long.

Other than these five cons having these glam nails are worth it, i’ll take the complications any day. Be sure to comment on your experience with stiletto nails or your concerns!

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