Wanda Maximoff just wants to be normal and American. She appears domesticated and ditzy and is just trying to “blend in” but I loved how the screen view changes as you start to realize what’s going on. Its’ all Wanda. (I do reviews with spoilers, so you’ve been warned.)

                Her glamor powers are to reimagine things that are already there, but even with those powers, she still can’t cook. That’s why she can’t produce gourmet meals! The lack of communication and lack of transparency with her husband leads to little debacles but you can see that keep a secret is the theme of how she starts to deal with grief. Her healing process might have been interrupted when S.W.O.R.D. That is how we feel as viewers if we don’t get a season 2!

                We are left with too many questions. Like why does she not sense Agnes when she first come? Why does Agnes play along with the plot if she is not under glamour? And when Agnes warns Wanda about Dottie, was that just to get close to her? And who are those names at the end of eh episode? Where did that swam come from? How exactly did she make her kids? How does she make those rings though?

                (And FYI, did you catch that Agatha’s mysterious minion, Ralph was the apparent refugee from X-Men universe (remember that’s what spawned the missing person case in the first place?) This show is so good is really made me immerse myself in the Marvel universe again. I wanted to know more about Wanda and her love story with this robot. Marvel, this better not be a one season show! Wanda hears her sons in the post credits, so I doubt it.

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