Thanks to COVID, we all have to listen to “turn up” music while having to stay in. While the Hip Hop and Pop genre usually dominate the airwaves, we shouldn’t sleep on R&B. I mean, remember when Usher dropped Confession in 2014?

To be worthy of the Michael Jackson level prestige Usher coveted, he needed a man-in-mirror moment. Confessions is a compilation of its male creator’s infidelities, promoted as one man’s expunging of sins. We weren’t ready for the strong hold he had on the black community and culture with that significant jam-packed icon of an album!

Usher was definitely the reigning King of R&B genre and while Chris Brown and Usher comparison always seem to trend, we should be looking at dvsn. Out of all the new R&B acts, dvsn and their emotive 90s R&B sound can be the ones who will take the gauntlet from Usher in terms of true R&B sound. True R&B sounds like soul and sex. Usher and dvsn both have lyrics that are overtly sexy.

But what are your opinions? Who really deserves the Usher comparison?

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