Meg The Stallion Grateful to be alive after being shot

It has been reported that Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez during his gun bust were arrested this past Sunday but some of the information being shared may not be true.

According to TMZ they have the video of Tory’s arrest from early Sunday morning, and it’s pretty clear … law enforcement was treating the situation very seriously, as if there might’ve been an active threat. Remember, they were responding to a call about 5 shots fired with the description of the SUV that was Tory’s ride.
What’s interesting here from the footage is that they detained everyone in the vehicle at first, including Meg — whom they put in handcuffs, along with Tory and another woman.

Meg took to Instagram to clear up the inaccuracy of Sunday’s events revealing that she had been shot and that it had been done with the intent to harm her.

We’re glad to hear that she’s ok and sending up prayers for a speedy recovery!


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