I feel like every woman is on the hunt for a vendor with QUALITY VIRGIN HAIR who is CONSISTENT.. I have been since college.
People shady, be stealing pictures from other vendors and stylist false advertising their skills and the quality of their product. It has ruined bundle business. On top of the fact that people are so inconsistent with the bag (bundles) these days, it makes me skeptical to buy from ANYONE.
Have my prayers been answered?????
Let me give yall the tea on these burgundy inches I been rocking…
My friend referred me to this vendor, she is a loyal customer and her shit be LAID ok! (Hey Dimmmmee)
HK Virgin Hair is located here in Miami, they ship worldwide.. have hair on-site at Salons by JC and they also do wholesale. I got in a jam and needed some hair last minute (per usual) I contacted them and was informed she had it on hand in her hair salon.
You thought I didn’t go grab 3 24″ inch bundles of body wave and a lace closure that day on my lunch break because I diiiiiiddd, WIN. I paid $230 I believe I could be off ten or twenty bucks but it was a good deal.
Its been about two months and I’m ready to let yall know what I think about it.
On a scale of 1-10 I give the hair a solid 8


1) The hair had a body wave pattern when I purchased it but it NEVER WAVED AGAIN AFTER THAT. Like, not hello..goodbye. Slight wave.. NOTHING. Pissed me off a little too which leads to #2.
2) The hair does NOT hold a curl. PERIOD. Whether you use Tresemme holding spray or pump it up your shit out of luck.
I got my hair washed and blow dried and pin curled for my trip to Montego Bay right. When I got home I even threw the flexirods in because we had an early flight. I’m thinking yeah these curls gone be popping.
They popped alright.. for about 35 minutes I was PISSED.
NOW there are 7 good points.. y’all know I’m serving nothing but #PositiviTEA. I’m not about to list them bitches though imma give yall a summary.


The hair is silky as the luster is amazing. The bundles were already colored (my stylist colored the closure) and that scared me because sometimes colored hair can be trashy but this is the opposite. Minimal any shedding, NO matting, NO tangling & the closure holds color well it still a very nice texture AND I barely wear a bonnet bro. This hair will have you on that getup, brush it and GO.
I’ll buy again but either straight or very curly hair no in between lol. I liked it overall and imma even give yall the game on how I cared for it.


Tresemme Naturals Shampoo & Conditioner
OGX Extra Strength Damage Remedy + Coconut Miracle Penetrating Oil

Hair Care:

I cowash & deep condition my hair every 7-14 days depending on how oily it is. I wash my extensions with shampoo once monthly. In my opinion, shampoo rips the natural moisture right out of the hair and I don’t like that at all.
I like my shit soft and fleeky! ALWAYS AIR DRY.. I never blow dry my bundles and light on the oil. It only takes a dime size amount for your entire head.
HK always has bundle deals, they are very affordable and the quality is A1. Go shop at www.HKVirgin.com and check out their IG page @HKVirginHair.


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