Having rest is one of the most important part of a perfect beauty routine. Sleep can be compromised due to ones schedule but keeping plants in your bedroom can improve your slumber by a lot. Any plant is good for the air but the right plant can get you exactly what you need to improve your sleep.


Image result for lavender plant
  • Soothing fragrance
  • Lowers stress levels
  • Facilitates light, decreases rapid -eye movement during sleep

Image result for English IvyEnglish Ivy

  • Cleans up to 78% airborne mold
  • Improves allergy symptoms
  • Improves asthma

Snake Plant  Image result for Snake Plant

  • Purifies The Air
  • Emits oxygen at night

Aloe Vera Plant Image result for Aloe Vera Plant

  • Emits oxygen at night
  • Purifies Air




Plants can be very beneficial to your beauty. Different plants for anything you might need to improve your sleep.

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