LYRICA ANDERSON, suburban Los Angeles native entered the music industry in 2004 as an american producer and songwriter. “More”, Keke Palmer (”Footwurkin”), and Webbie (”I Miss You”). She gained much more momentum as a songwriter for “Pyramid”, a top ten pop hit she co-write for Charice. Lyrica is the industries most hidden gem! She is solely responisible for creating the sountrack to many of our most memorable, heartbreaks, and highlights. Working alongside Grammy nominated and award winning artists, Billboard Top 100 Musicians, like Beyonce, Tinashe, and Jennifer Hudson. Lyrica has established an immense and respected reputation.

Lyrica began to understand and appreciate the power of her own voice and the importance of displaying her own talent. In 2012, Lyrica signed to Mosley Group / Interscope Records. She worked in collaboration with super producers Timbaland, A1, and Arturo Ayers to produce her solo mixtapes and debut album, “King Me”, “King Me 2”, and “Hello”, which included major features by Wiz Khalifa, Kevin Gates, and Ty Dolla Sign.

In 2017, Lyrica released her most recent project, “Nasha Pearl” including fan favorite, “Faded to Sade”, featuring Chris Brown. Lyrica has undoubtedly flourished in the music industry and now has begun making an even larger impression on your television screen. Lyrica, starring in one of TV’s largest franchises, “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood”. She takes to the TV screen her relationship with super producer A1 Bentley, her relationship with songstress mother Lyrica Garrett and her undying love and ambition for her songwriting and solo artist career.



Lyrica Anderson has been behind the pen of records like:

 “Jealous” Beyonce

– ”Party” Chris Brown

– “Grass is Greener” Chris Brown

 “Lil Bit” Chris Brown

– “Distance” Omarion

– “All Night Long” Demi Lavato

– “Walk Out” Jennifer Hudson

– “Pretend” Tinashe

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