Pretty Hustlaz Exclusive Interview with Dana Cody!

Dana Cody! What a pleasure. We are so honored to be speaking with you! You’re such an inspiration to so many!  For those who don’t know you , please introduce or reintroduce yourself to the world. Let’s get into who Dana Cody is! 
PH:How & when did you get your start as a successful serial Entrepreneur?
Dana:”At 19 my mother and I opened our first location in the historic USA Flea Market. At the time we were receiving government housing and food assistance. But we had a goal, passion, and determination to succeed.
By 20 my mother was diagnosed with Leukemia and died a year later leaving me with two locations to manage at the age of 21.
At 24 I opened Tippietoes in Los Angeles
At 25 I pitched my own reality show and it was picked up by Oxygen Network
At 27 I began an import export company of rough diamond in West Africa
At 28 I became a real estate investor purchasing several units in underdeveloped communities
At 29 I launched Cody Transportation corp a carrier services hauling produce and cars.
At 30 I wrote and published my first book “The Crab that made it out the bucket”
amazon’s top seller”
PH:Wow! We’ve watched you on “Boss Divas” & “The Real Housewives of New York City” How has being a reality TV star effected your life? Personally & Professionally?
Dana:”Boss Nails” changed my life in the regards of everyone wanting to know more about my personal life. I only decided to do the show to allow the viewers my peers to see and know that African Americans can work together and become successful.
RHONY gave me a diverse following it opened doors for many collaborations “
PH:What advice would you give women in business on how to handle work /life balance?
Dana:” PUT YOURSELF FIRST!!! Money will come and go.. business will have hi’s and lows…the most important thing is making sure you’re feeding you soul and life purpose.. family and healthy relationships should never be compromised for lucre… nor should your health happiness or spirituality come second to anything”
PH:Tell us a little about your book “The crab that made it out the bucket” and where we can purchase it.
Dana:”The book tells the story of my parents.. my mother being adopted and sexually abused growing up in the streets of Miami.. It then tells the stories of how my parents sins and curses trickled to my life. How no matter what adversities were thrown my way I was able to conquer them.. It tells the story of a young black woman not allowing situations destroy me.
It is available on Amazon. “
PH:Can you tell us about “TippieToes” and the Empire that you’ve built
Dana'”Tippie Toes is the largest longest black owned Nail salon in the US.. We have trained thousands of nailtech over the last 12yrs and will now be opening our first nail academy in Ghana (West Africa) in 2020″
PH:You’re a modern day Superwoman! How many businesses have you /do you own and operate?
Dana:”5 businesses
12 properties
2 trademarks
2 patents “
PH:What advice do you have for Women In Business and the ones who are currently following their dreams?
Dana:” Stay strong, focused, and grounded… learn when to move forward and learn when to let go. Never make moves out of emotions only logic. “
PH:What are you passionate about? What are some of your hobbies & favorite past times?
Dana:” Im currently passionate about education i’m currently obsessed with how the brain works and retain information. Im passionate about helping ppl discover their gifts and talents
I read alot and i enjoy going to the beach , meditating, and my favorite workout is boxing.. I try to box 3-4 x per week”
PH:The question of the hour. Inquiring minds would love to know what’s next for Dana Cody? We know that you have something powerful up your sleeve!
Dana:”I am opening a few locations in Africa
Product line
and I will be doing import/export of goods/ beauty supplies my goal is that all african americans have their own warehouse no more buying in bulk from other cultures! We are the largest consumers in USA why doesn’t our portfolios reflect that? Its time for us to take over economics. “
PH:What would the young girl Dana now tell or advise the adult woman Dana?
Dana:” LISTEN TO YOUR HEART….STOP TRYING TO FIT IN AND IMPRESS PPL..YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.. your afro is sexy..being black is beautiful….self confidence dictates success in every aspect!”



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  1. Donna Norris 8 months ago

    What an inspiration
    More young black girls need to know about Dana. You brag on Oprah but now we want to see Dana shine.

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