I ran across a tweet last week where someone stated they don’t wash their face because “it’s a pain to do”.  It was followed by a lot of comments agreeing with the post. Someone even said “when I brush my teeth I splash water on my face and that’s it”.

I was appalled… How could one not wash their face and moisturize it daily even twice a day. It was just hard to believe so many people lived by not washing their face.

So here’s my top 5 reasons you should wash face daily.

1. It removes dirt, oil and debris that your face collects just from walking outside.

2. It removes impurities from your face that could clog your pores.

3. It gives you a fresh look

4. Moisturizing daily helps eliminate wrinkles and dark spots.

5.  Eww your face is part of your body and your body should be washed daily.

If you want beautiful, glowing skin… wash and moisturize it daily and twice a day won’t hurt. When you show your face love it will love you back and keep you looking beautiful.

So to answer the question… To Wash or Not To Wash.. WASH YOUR FACE PEOPLE!

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