It is the worst, having somewhere to attend. You want to be on fleek but the most important part of the beat is all out of whack. In this day and age all you need is one tool to really get the job done. The brow pencil with the wand at the opposite end grooms out of place hairs and fill in any open areas on the brow leaving brows flawless and ready for the world. The Vanity Eyebrow Pencil is easy to use, It comes in three colors medium brown, deep brown and soft brown. This product can be purchased at

How to Groom  Unkept Eyebrows

Step 1

Make sure face is clean and free of any sort of dirt

Step 2

Brush your brows in a upward motion on both sides

Step 3

Shape your brows to perfection don’t worry about the out of placed hairs but be mindful of how far you arch them

Step 4

Fill in your brow with light upward strokes

Step 5

Fade the beginning of the brow with the want side of the pencil

Step 6

To clean up brows use concealer to line the outer part of the brow


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