Comedian Jess Hilarious has officially joined The Breakfast Club as their third co-host expanding her personal resume and reach.

The Breakfast Club, a world renowned radio show, lost their third co-host Angela Yee December 2,2022 as Yee ventured off into other endeavors such as Lip Service. As they say “the show must go on” The Breakfast Club didn’t miss a beat with maintaining the third position with guest co-hosts in Yee’s absence.

Jess Hilarious was a consistent guest co-host during this time as behind the scenes the search for a permanent third co-host was in place. During this time Hilarious displayed her professional versatility while still bringing her comedic vibes to the table. Hilarious also effortlessly proved that she can handle adversity and distaste for herself professionally in real time as her encounter with Sexxy Redd on The Breakfast Club went viral.

Days following this incident Jess announced that she would be permanently joining the popular radio show while paying homage to her hometown Baltimore, Maryland. This announcement left the listening audience shocked as Hilarious did not return to the show for what is to be speculated as a premature announcement.

Charlemagne and DJ Envy went further into the topic on air stating a third co-host had not been solidified for the show. There was obvious uncertainty for the position truly being Jess Halirious’ at the time of her announcement although the listening audience felt Jess was a great fit.

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All speculation and uncertainty was laid to rest January 29 as Hilarious took to social media once again addressing her absence on the show by announcing that she has secured the position as The Breakfast Club third co-host while The Breakfast Club also officially validated the news with their own announcement around the same time.

A huge congratulations to Jess and The Breakfast Club on their new partnership! We can not wait to see what the future holds with this trio that always has their audience on the edge of their seats on the daily!

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