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As the new year begins we try to clean the slate and do away with our bad habits. Unfortunately, some of us end up having a bad habit of not breaking habits. Eating unhealthy, Procrastinating, spending money are all things we try so hard to change every new year. One of the most popular reason individuals don’t follow through with new year resolutions may be because it was not going about the right way.

First thing one must do is to understand the pattern. We all have patterns that we do that helps us fall back into the routine we try to break away from. For example, making a new year resolution to cut out bad food knowing you enjoy eating bad food and the second day of trying to eat healthy, you find yourself in a drive through about to order something that you should not be eating. Once you identify your breaking point try to avoid it for twenty-one days. It takes twenty-one day to break a habit. With that said it is strongly suggested to get a calendar to keep track.

The cold turkey trick is not cut out for everyone, so another way to break a bad habit can be to do start the new habit little by little no pressure. If your bad habit’s smoking, try to cut it down little by little every day.

You may go cold turkey for twenty-one days or do it at a slower paste as long as the habit gets lost. Make sure you comment under and tell us what method you decide to go with.

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