the REAL star, getting REAL sued !

Every 90’s baby #Prettyhustlaz’ favorite childhood singer might be going down after her REAL comeback.  Adirenne Bailon has been allegedly sued for 200K by her former management company, Go2Man Management.  The lawsuit documents claim that Bailon signed a 5 year deal with the  Go2Man in 2011, guaranteeing them 20%...

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Advertisements lied to me! Can I Sue??

Everyone’s favorite waist gang society is free at last! For the past couple of months the corporation has been battling a lawsuit for more than their companies worth! In March, Sara Hawes filed a lawsuit for over $5 million against Waist Gang Society and its reality star owner, PreMadonna,...

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They gon’ think I won a… lawsuit!

America is the land of the free and the home of the sued.  Every time you turn around there is another artist being sued for some countless or indescribable act.  Most of the time the findings aren’t displayed in court, but for everyone’s favorite Dirty Sprite drinker, his odds...

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Cookie x 2 !

Boo Boo Kitty, fur coats, and spicy attitudes coming down the hall, make room! Its THE Cookie Lyon coming to make an entrance! A character so unique, so original, so boisterous that it seems unreal how a human could manifest her emotions. A character that only Lee Daniels, creator...

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