It’s no secret Megan Thee Stallion has seen better days this past year as visits in and out of the courtrooms have left its impact on the rappers mental health.

The self proclaimed leader of the Hotties has taken her time to heal and has finally broken her silence lighting the music industry on fire with her first single from her Independent album Cobra late last year.

Meg states on her Instagram post regarding her album “Cobras stand tall and fierce in the face of challenges..” Megan Thee Stallion has exuded the very essence of standing tall in the face of challenges as she addresses a plethora of individuals in her new single Hiss.

Kenneth Petty, Nicki Minaj’s husband, Drake, and ex boyfriend Pardi to name just a few! Seemingly responding to everyone she stated “came for her” in her moments of silence as she healed. She took to her Instagram giving what seemed to be a warning stating “if you came for me here I come” just before releasing new music.

That warning still could not prepare anyone for the lyrical jaw drop of Hiss! Let’s dissect a few targeted bars from the talented rapper that she felt the need to get off her chest!

“He can’t move on, can’t let it go (Let it go), he hooked, nose full of that Tina Snow”.
We can only allege that this was directed towards ex boyfriend Pardison Fontaine, as he has been in recent interviews and utilizing studio time speaking on Meg and their fizzled relationship that ended in early 2023.

Another stand out bar in the single Hiss states “These hoes don’t be mad at Megan, these hoes mad at Megan’s Law. I don’t really know what the problem is, but I guarantee y’all don’t want me to start.”
Megan’s Law is a United States federal law that requires law enforcement to provide public information on anyone registered as a sex offender.
We can assume that this is a direct shot at Nicki Minaj and her husband Kenneth Petty. Petty who is a registered sex offender, pleading guilty at the age of 16 for attempted rape, was sentenced to a year of probation in 2022 for failing to register new California address he shares with Minaj.

Megan Thee Stallion also address who people seem to think is a shot at Drake stating “These niggas hate on BBLs and be walkin’ ’round with the same scars (Ah) Real curvy, no edgin’, niggas fight to get in my section (My section)”.

During Meg and Tory Lanez court battle for assault Drake was very vocal about what side he stood with doubling down on his 2022 album Circo Loco claiming Meg lied about being shot by Lanez. In Circo Loco Drakes use of a double meaning phrase towards Meg for being shot and receiving glute shots ironically set himself up for the comeback bar in Hiss after uploading to his Instagram story where fans question him undergoing body sculpting.

This is only the beginning for the highly anticipated Independent album of the H Town Hottie! Have you listened to the new single yet? We would love to know your thoughts as the music industry slowly unclench their pearls!

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