The Cheerleaders of the FYFL Bring the NOISE at the Annual Cheer Competiton


It’s no secret that football is a BIG deal in Florida. Some of the greatest players come from right here and many of them got their start in little league. Young Athletes as young as 4 are able to learn the fundamentals of the game. Without a doubt youth football is big business, but it’s not the only business. If you look on the sidelines of any FYFL team you’ll see a mini army in matching uniforms high socks and big bows cheering the team to victory. That’s right you’ve guessed it. It’s the cheerleaders of the FYFL.

The cheerleaders are present at every game rain or shine. They too experience grueling practices and are expected to master gravity defining stunts. They stomp, cheer and taunt the other team with creative cheer routines and rule the field during halftime. Although the girls (and guys!) take pride in the work they do week to week supporting the boys on the football team it’s not all they do. Every year, the cheerleaders spend weeks of blood sweat and tears perfecting a routine that is exactly 2 mins and 30 seconds of cheer, dance and stunts. This may seem like an easy feat but it’s anything but. Those 2 and a half mins are all these young athletes have to prove themselves to their coaches, the judges and each other. It actually means EVERYTHING to them.

On Sunday, October 27th The FYFL held their annual Cheerleading competition at the Watsco Center in Coral Gables, FL. Some teams came with the goal of upholding their title. Others came to take what’s theirs after not placing the year before others entered the arena for the very first time looking to make a name or themselves. No matter what the reason maybe the goal is the same; to take home a trophy and not to mention bragging rights until next year. Over 70 teams filled the Watsco center ready to give it all they’ve got. The event begins at 9:00am. Although there are some small breaks in between, the day is LONG with each team showcasing their skills and hoping everything goes as they’ve planned. It’s an amazing amount of pressure but they live for this day. After each team has left their heart on the mat its time for the Awards ceremony.  Al l of the teams make their way back to the mat and not so patiently wait for the results. Each category is announced at the very end its time to announce the GRAND CHAMPS! Who are they you asked? It’s team who’s scores were the highest overall. Pretty Hustlaz was there to support the mini’s because we LOVE the kids. If you missed it we will let you in on the secret. Congratulations are in order to 12 and up Fort Lauderdale Hurricanes 12 U on winning Grand Champs for 2019! Check out pics of these talented teams below!




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