I was in grays playing spades, Miami making children But we ain’t killin blessings just to please the public – JT, First Day Out

The City girls had a whirl wind of a first year to say the least. Despite jumping in the game strong, the ladies have experienced many things in a short period of time that everyone thought would take them out the game for good. Just as the City girls began to take off, JT had to go away to serve 16 months in a federal Prison leaving Yung Miami to hold it down for the duo by herself, which she did while pregnant. In true Miami fashion, the girls rose to every challenge and came out on top. We here at Pretty Hustlaz have been rooting for JT & Yung Miami from the jump and we couldn’t be more proud.

On January 10th I opened my IG feed to see The City Girls gracing Billboard looking amazing might I add.  Couldn’t help but yell YASSSSS! This solidified that the girls were ready for their comeback which for sure will be bigger and better than their entrance despite everything the naysayers had to say. We all can agree that the pictures are breathtaking but the open honest and raw interview the girls did with Meaghan Garvey of Billboard was the real gem. Head on over because its definitely worth the read Check below for a cute video of JT & Yung Miami testing their knowledge on one another. Are you ready for a City Girl comeback in 2020? Sound off below!




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