After years of searching for the right edge control I found a 2020 must have. Weather your  hair is natural or relaxed the “She is Bomb” edge control is perfect to keep your edges down for hours. although the product is not sweat proof, It may last up to 3 days when well taken care of. The Product is firm but light weight. The non sticky formula allows a quick clean up after your hair is done styling. On day two of still having your edges not quite messed up you may refresh your edges by adding a little water. This product can last for days on you hair without flaking.



  • long lasting
  • no flaking
  • non sticky
  • light weight
  • good smell
  • no residue
  • blends well with other products
  • good for braiding


  • non sweat proof
  • damages when cover is off for more than 3 days

You may find this product at your local beauty supply store or on


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