Iyanla is known for fixing lives, but on Saturday she gave me life. There was hundreds of women present, however I felt she and each of the other speakers were talking directly to me. The Beauties With Brains: From Trials to Triumph was absolutely amazing. The crowed prayed with each other, laughed together and cried together.

Indira Felder founder of Beauties With Brains held the event in Raleigh, NC for the third consecutive year. This year she delivered just as she has in the past. The event continues to get bigger each year. She had guest flying in from as far as Miami, Fl to be a part of this empowerment. The setup of the venue was amazing and simply breathtaking. Indira who is a beautiful spirit inside and out, was seen busy working even during the event.


The event was hosted by the beautiful, talented, overcomer Ty M Carolina. She went from being a panelist last year, to an awesome host this year. If you haven’t heard of her, trust you will. Her smile lit up the stage as eagerly introduced each guest and performer.

We were blessed with musical selections, including the opening selection of “I’m Every Woman”, which got the crowd on their feet. The highlight of the event was when the Junior Beauties With Brains hit the stage. Each of these lovely ladies were so well spoken and poised as they spoke on who who inspired them. It ranged from moms, grandmas to God. These kids even displayed their marketing skills and promoted their businesses. Ryann Bella (@ryannbella) of the Ryan Bella Boutique styled the young ladies on stage.

Lashawn Thompson, the First Lady of World Overcomers Church and founder of Project Of Hope told the crowd of obstacles she had overcame starting at the age of 5 years old and how she had blocked some memories of her childhood out of her life because of the pain.

If you dont fix your foundation your house is going to start showing cracks… it cannot stand“


Ms. Iyanla hit the stage and pretty much mirrored First Lady Lashawn. She came out advising everyone to put their phones down and grab the hand beside them. She instructed everyone to close their eyes and inhale and exhale. The she proceeded to pray and advise that at that moment we each had a life in our hand. As we took our seats she talked about things she went through as a child and enduring sickness while in Jamaica that could have it killed her.   Illness, lumps in breast etc come from carrying things thy should have been let go. She shared with us going to Tyler Perry grand opening and being star struck by Denzel. Iyanla was so personal and we all felt connected to her. She repeated constantly “Mirror Mirror, who do you see” as she challenged us to self evaluate ourself. She had the crowd laughing, but she also bought tears as she ended the night singing “I pray for you, you pray for, I love you, I need you to survive” as sisters all over the building embraced each other. This event was definitely one of the best, most organized events I have attended.

Every speaker touched someone’s life and gave their story that we as women could relate to. I’m looking forward to attending next years event. Iyanla not only fixed my life but she gave me life as I was encouraged to let go of some dead situations.


To learn more about future Beauties With Brains events, you can follow her on Instagram @beauties-with brains.



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