downloadCelebrity Love or lust?   Seems to be more of a common question nowadays.  Especially with popular reality shows like Love & HipHop.  Today’s case involves America’s favorite female with the pink wig: Nicki Minaj.  Minaj was featured on Ellen this week and when she mentioned the absence of her ring the crowd ate it up immediately.  


The ring was the 2nd one given to her by Philly Native Rapper Meek Mill.  They have been supposedly dating for a while now but the controversy between Mill and Drake have overshadowed the tabloids hounding them for headlines.  Minaj’s response was enough for them to fabricate tales for days out of though. 

nicki-minaj-2-800Minaj: “I have 2 rings from my boy- (cuts herself off) from this boy that likes me… He said that that’s my second ring and if I get a third ring, that’s the engagement ring.”  

Ellen: “Well do you want the third ring?”

Minaj: “Well… I don’t know.  We are still figuring each other out. And in fact, I don’t even like to say that I’m in a relationship anymore.  Because when people hear that, they go to like the mean place…”

Here is what the tabloids heard: “I’m not with Meek Mill anymore, and I’m completely single to mingle.”  They used this to their advantage and the story went viral in seconds.  Blogs and other paparazzi using the clip of Minaj saying this to prove that their tea is true.  Yet, the rest of the interview is omitted.  The truth, where Minaj really explains herself makes more sense than the tabloids ever will.  

nicki-minaj-talks-american-idol-exit-on-ellen-04Minaj: “Valentines day passed, and I didn’t put up my valentine’s day gift on instagram.  People were saying ‘they’re not together’.  Were getting anonymous messages saying ‘yeah, she was crying all day.’ Meanwhile we were really in bed all day on valentine’s day.  I got up and opened these 3 amazing gifts.  Then I read this story that we weren’t together on valentine’s day.  That was when I realized, you know what.  No matter what, or how great your life is.  You can’t even impress people, you just have to do you and keep those things sacred.  So I don’t really care to say I’m in a relationship or I’m engaged.  There is just a boy that likes me.”
2016-04-07 18.23.13The next day there were headlines blasting the couple and their supposed fake “love”.  Minaj was sincerely upset and took to twitter to retweet her fans that were justifying her honor.  Defending that if you watched the entire interview you clearly saw that Minaj does not disown Meek as they portray.   She wanted to really make a statement to entertainment by doing this.  We will see what happens in the long run, but I highly doubt they will stop exploiting the personal lives of the famous for their own personal growth.  

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