When it comes to voluminous lashes, the options are infinite. According to Lash Technician Petrice Ross mink lashes are in and hear to stay. Mink lash extensions are made of strands of mink hair. The hair is precisely cut and curled with precision. Minks are considered a better option when it comes to eyelash extensions to most. Unlike synthetic lashes, mink lashes are free from any chemical processing, plastic, and dyes which allow for an extremely soft, comfortable, and natural look.


How long do minks  last ?

Lash extensions last through a full growth cycle of natural eyelashes, typically six to eight weeks. (suggested lash maintenance should be every three to four weeks)

How long do they take to apply?

The application process can take up to 2 hours.

What happens if glue gets in your eye ?

Your eyes will be shut the whole time through .

What if my eyes acedentaly open while getting the lashes done ?

Your eyes should be closed the whole way through. The tape or pads the lash tech places on your bottom lash also makes it hard to open your eyes.

Can you go blind ?

No   lash technicians are trained and certified to make sure everything is done with perfection. worst case sneer would be an allergic reaction to the glue that makes your eyes red, which can be fixed with eye drops.

Can you get the lashes wet ?

you should wait 12 – 24 hours after application before trying to get them wet. water will weaken the glue which will lead to premature shedding.

Would they Damage my natural eyelashes ?

No when applied properly your lashes will be fine. What can damage your eyelash is if you pic at them



Pre -lash Tips

  • Dress comfortable
  • Be prepared to have your eyes closed for a while
  • Come to your lash appointment with a bare face

Post Mink Tips

  • Sleep on your back (sleeping on your side or on your face can crush lashes/ not a huge deal )
  • Comb lashes
  • Don’t pick \at your lashes
  • No Mascara on the lashes
  • Wait 24 hours before going swimming

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