Lust or Love?

Celebrity Love or lust?   Seems to be more of a common question nowadays.  Especially with popular reality shows like Love & HipHop.  Today’s case involves America’s favorite female with the pink wig: Nicki Minaj.  Minaj was featured on Ellen this week and when she mentioned the absence of her...

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Meek Mill gifts Nicki Minaj a $75K ring

Meek Mill gifts Nicki Minaj a $75K ring

Nicki Minaj performs with her new boyfriend Meek Mill at the 2015 BET Awards on June 28.Photo: FilmMagic Rapper Meek Mill bought new girlfriend Nicki Minaj a $75,000 diamond ring to celebrate the success of his new album. After Meek’s new record “Dreams Worth More Than Money” hit number...

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