Visuals add spice and flavor to anything, especially music.  Pretty Hustlaz have our artist spotlight today on a female vocalist who took to the screen to entice her fans recently with a visual that sets some standards.  Singer, Ludy, released a video for her single “Ova”.  During the cinematic production, she portrays her feelings of betrayal, disdain and personal growth through a time of her life where she is most vulnerable.

ludy2Every woman, even the prettiest of the Hustlaz, have experienced grief due to a relationship that didnt pan out how we expected.  In this song and visual, Ludy invites all women to relive those moments, but influence them to undergo a different process of coping.  She opens her livelihood to us, but provides an alternative to our problems living through her lyrics.

The video starts with her in the wilderness and continues outside in scenery with open space and a breeze to simulate how free she really feels.  Shortly after she expresses her new feelings, the tone changes to something a bit more sinister.  Ludy and her homegirl begin to dig a ditch and you see her previous male companion laying on the ground in a garbage bag; mouth duct taped and non responsive.  We can only imagine what happens next.  Or so we think.  Ludy relentlessly officiates its Ova with the old fling by lighting the makeshift grave on fire and after slowly watching it burn, walking away.  The show ends with Ludy and her accomplice getting into an old school car and driving out of the wilderness into a wide open plain.  Taking them far away from the problems that she had buried in her past.  ludy3

Take a look at the video at the link below to check it out for yourself!  Let us know what you think and what else you would like to see from Ludy.

Ludy – Ova

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