It always Important Getting to all your goals and desires. It is absolutely normal to fall off task sometimes. Its never  to late to jump right back on the motivated train. We often experience a delay in reaching our dreams because of lack of will power. will power is defined as the control exerted to do something or restrain impulses. Here are some Tips and Tricks to adopt that may increase your will power .


Remember Why You Started

remembering why you want something to happen is a big key to staying motivated. To better do this think about all the negative things attached to not having this goal. In many self motivated books having a negative out look on things are a big “no, no”. To balance out thinking about the cons think about all the Pros and positive benefits that reaching your goal comes with. By exercising your thinking cap on Pros and cons you kind of trick your self into will power.

Take It One Day At A Time

Rome was not bult in a day. Some individuals may feel discouraged at times when things are not going as fast as they think it can be. Sometimes we may get so lost in what we don’t have, it prevents us from working with what we do have. Remembering to Take it One day at time eases your mind down to focus on the prize.

Eat healthy

Eating healthy keeps your energized. Junk food causes you to feel sluggish which is the same feeling you feel when your in the mood to be lazy. The goal is to stay away from things that will have you fall in the habit of being lazy.

Cold Water

Cold Water can be used in many ways as a trick to instantly energize you. You may splash cold water on your face or take a cold shower.  Cold water has many benefits such as busting your immune system and lowering stress levels. It is important to stay energized because you need energy to stay productive .

Instagram Goals

Many individuals may argue that social media is not the best place to motivate you to do better and how simply most people you are looking at are creating an allusion. Yet this may be true , social media can also give you a competitive spirit by looking at things in another light. People often  look at social media and think “I wish I was Like him/her” when they should really be saying “i can’t wait to get in that position”. If you have a little jealous streak in your bone it will defiantly self motivate.


These five techniques help me with my everyday success. adopting simple habits can go a long way on pursuit of your dreams.


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