More Than Just A Dream Seminar Gives Small Businesses the Motivation They Need

I think by now we all agree that multiple streams of income as well as owning our businesses is the key to financial freedom. Many of us have amazing ideas with the creativity to go along with it, yet we lack the knowledge to do what’s needed on paper.  Do I form a corporation r a LLC? Is my business name being used by someone else? Does it matter if I have business license or not? All of these are important questions with different answers depending on who you ask.

Britinii Bouie, affectionately known as Bebe, has successfully been in business over 12 years. She knows all too well how difficult and discouraging it can be to try to navigate starting a business. For this reason she created Konnected Biz Solutions. “The tag line is the assistant that every biz needs.” Through this start up, Bebe offers just that. Konnected Biz Solutions be offers networking events, coaching, mentorship and assistance to small and big businesses alike. By taking the guess work out of starting a business, owners are able to better serve their customers.

On Sunday, May 28th some were out enjoying the Memorial Day holiday. However business owners from near and far used the long weekend to attend the “Get Konnected More Than Just a Dream Seminar.” The event was held at the Scottish Rite Temple. More than 50 vendors excitedly set their tables up Sunday afternoon and had their products on display. The room was filled with excited chatter as everyone networked, took pictures, and picked each other’s brains.  The speakers of the evening included Sherria Williams, a lawyer who broke down business license and the importance of contracts and legal representation. Christopher Freeman, an entrepreneur and author whose story proved it’s not how you start its how you finish. Latonya Herring had the crowd pondering real estate when she left the stage. Miami’s own Dana Cody was definitely a hit. The owner of the infamous Tippie Toes and serial entrepreneur had a long line of ladies after her speech she patiently took the time to each and every one. Miss Miami TV showed us how social media isn’t just for fun. She’s turned that fame into a lucrative career. Bianca Shellie Robinson is a no nonsense global product manager who explained the importance of streamlining your business. Last but not least we got to hear from Britinii herself on the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur.  All  too often  people go into business and fail to reach back. Bebe did just the opposite by creating a oppurtunity that will help create more successful entrepreneurs.  If you missed the event don’t fret, it’s been confirmed that these conferences will be held more frequently. So  keep your eyes open so you don’t miss out!





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