I am sure we can all agree that the dating game has changed tremendously. Do we even date anymore or is the foundation of dating based on Netflex and Chill? Honestly I just want to throw the entire dating scene away.

So lets talk about what a situationship is! According to the Urban dictionary, a situationship is a relationship that has no title. Its like a more than a friendship but less than a relationship. It’s the awkward space in between. A situationship will having you losing sleep and stalking your significant others social media trying to figure them out. Most people don’t even realize that they are in a situationship, because they have become so accustom to just going with the flow.

I can assure you that someone is going to catch feelings while in a situationship. That’s when things turn ugly, or when females start “acting all crazy”. I don’t think our parents went through situationships, this is new in the 21st century dating scene. I’m not sure who to blame, if its the men for not wanting to commit, or the women for making things so easy.

So for all my Pretty Hustlaz I have compiled a list of top signs that you are in a situationship. Don’t ignore these signs! I know as women we often want love and companionship but we cant ignore the obvious. It’s about to be 2019 and we bosses out here, we are not letting these men limit us with situationships. We deserve love, support, and we don’t have time for these games. We no longer getting those check yes or no if you want to be my girl letters. We getting stuck in the talking/situationship stage. Its time to dead that and become real relationship goals.

Check your inventory and if any of these signs apply, honey you are in a situationship!

  1. You don’t go on dates- He is always pulling up on you at your house or you meeting him at a undisclosed location. This “pull up” trend drives me crazy. Guys no longer even try to pursue dating because they have become comfortable with women allowing them to “pull up”. Ladies stop using the excuse “I am not hard to please I am okay with a night in cooking for my boo”.  No sweetheart, that’s cool if that’s your man and you are in a  established relationship, but not for someone who never takes you out. Make this man court you and date you. Don’t let him get comfortable just pulling up.
  2. You have no title- SMH. In reality this one hit home for me personally. You been “talking” to this person forever and there is no title. Either because he is not ready, or how do you say it “what’s understood don’t have to be explained”.
  3. You’re not dating or pursuing anyone else- No matter how long its been you have this false hope that you all are going to live happily ever after. That he is the one, even though he doesn’t take you out and you have no title. You put all your eggs in one basket, passing up good guy after good guy. Situationships will definitely have you delusional.
  4. No future plans- You don’t talk about the future because you are just living in the moment and enjoying this relationship in your head.
  5. Disappearing acts- He disappears for days, weeks sometimes even months at a time with no contact. You blowing him up, cussing him out and fake deleting his number, all so that he can reappear as if nothing happened. One day he just calls you and say he’s going to pull up. You get happy explaining to your homegirls (who think your crazy) that when you let something go and it comes back its meant to be.

Situationships can go on for  months, or years if you let them. Don’t fall victim, you deserve better ladies. These men will only treat us how we allow. I will admit I have been in a situationship, and it can destroy you mentally if you let it. Men know what they want just as women do, so if you see a relationship is not progressing let it go.

We are getting money and bossin up in 2019. We don’t have time to play with somebody son! That situationship can affect you mentally and physically. That’s when it starts messing with your money and your time.

Lets admit it, normally situationships are with Future types (I still love you Future) and not Russell’s. Lets choose wisely in 2019. Lets get back to dating, courting, and marriages on our timelines in addition to our businesses.

**Warning the song below is explicit**


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