LHHM cast member and artist Amara La Negra will headline the 2018 International Music Fest in Miami Gardens Florida. The City of Miami Gardens held a press conference regarding the event and Amara was there to chat with the media regarding the upcoming festival. Miami Gardens is no novice when it comes to events such as these, in fact they have successfully put on Jazz In The Gardens for years! Attendees always wanted more genres added to the lineup, so instead of cramming it all together the International Music Festival came about. This is the third year for the festival, the previous headliner was Jo Mersa Marley, grandson of the legendary Bob Marley.

Miami Gardens is a city rich in culture. The opportunity to produce an event like this that can cater to so many cultures is phenomenal. Vice Mayor Erhabor Ighodaro opened the press conference commending La Negra for being unapologetically black. He went on to mention how proud he was of the International Superstar and how it was an honor to have her headline the event, especially with her being from Miami.

During the Q&A session attendees had the opportunity to ask Amara questions and she was very forthcoming with her answers. One of the questions that was asked was “How has LHHM changed you?”. La Negra stated that it helped her to confront issues.  As she elaborated, she gave the example of how in the real world we sometimes don’t have the opportunity to confront issues, however, as a cast member on the show you have no choice to face issues as they are presented. The singer went on to discuss a few upcoming projects she had in the works which included a children’s book and a doll collection. We all know how much representation matters, especially for our youth. Definitely excited about that!

Fun fact: Amara auditioned and was casted to be in the movie Superfly however due to filming conflict with the taping of LHHM she was unable to do it.

The International Music Festival will be held at the Betty T Ferguson Complex on August 4, 2018. Patrons will be able to enjoy live performances, food, and lots of dancing! Pretty Hustlaz will be there to bring you all of the coverage from this amazing event, stay tuned!

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