These days support seems to be more of a meme on the internet than an action we take. “Don’t ask for discounts”, “Support your friends and “When you support small business you’re supporting a dream.” These are more than statements to post for likes. They are actually truths that can make or break someone’s lively hood. Believe it or not, some small gestures can push a business owner a little harder and their business to go a little farther. Most importantly you don’t always have to break the bank to help.


  1. Business owners spend the majority of their time trying to make sure their products are known to people who may want to utilize them. Most owners make social media posts, it has become the fastest form of marketing. When you see these posts, take the time to share them! This helps the information reach more people, it only takes a second  and you won’t have to spend money to help.


  1. When we are happy with something we may tell one or two people. However, if we are unhappy we will tell every person we come across, all of our followers on all social media platforms, the dog, the cat and a few ants too. Before running a smear campaign, give the business owner the respect to rectify the problem. Realize that some experiences are not worth ruining someone’s entire business over. Furthermore, remember to scream just as loud when you are happy with the service.


  1. Way too often I see businesses and creatives promote events that fall on deaf ears. The majority of the time they may even be free yet we still overlook them. If its not at the city’s hottest spot or thrown by someone popular its becomes an afterthought. A business’ success should not depend on how well known the owner is . Consider attending an event thrown by someone you haven’t heard of. The host will be grateful and you may learn something new or meet a few new people. A win/win for both parties.


  1. Sometimes you may not be able to utilize what a business has to offer. Don’t skip out on the chance to recommend services or products to your friends, family and coworkers. We tend to trust people we know so recommendations more than likely will be well received. Let the owner know you told someone about their business. They are likely to take extra care of that customer since you took the time to think of them.


  1. Last but most certainly not least, make an effort to utilize small businesses whenever possible. You may have to drive a little further or even pay a little more but our support is imperative to the success of these businesses and owners. Remember just because someone owns a business, that doesn’t mean they aren’t still facing a struggle. They still have a family to feed and bills to pay. Outside of their personal problems they work to offer us products to make our lives easier. Lets show some appreciation for that.


Gaining support when just starting out can be difficult for any small business. Ask any business and they’ll tell you your main support will come from people you don’t know.  Getting over the fact the your friends and even your family members will not be your main support system can be eye-opening and heartbreaking. Let’s work to change that. I’m sure you’ve noticed this blog has been in hiatus for a very long time. Without the help of my friends I wouldn’t have the strength or desire to facilitate its return. Take the time to give that feeling to someone else. Pick a small business and support the hell out of it.

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