Love and Marriage :Why Haven’t You Tied the Knot?

Love and marriage, two different ideas, yet still a huge importance to another. Some are perfectly fine with having one or the other, and maybe even neither. While couples all over America are getting married, many are experiencing life without a legal partner.

So, the single’s question of the day is, “Why haven’t you tied the knot?” I recently asked my followers the question above, and received different perspectives on why these people were single. The participants also took a poll clarifying if they were single without a relationship or just legally single. The final results of the poll was 68% were single and the other 32% were in a relationship, but not married.

Some of these women and men are not married because they’re not even interested in dating. A few single women exclaimed that they were just waiting on their future husband to pop that question. Other women made it very clear that they weren’t sure how to date after being solo for so long. One of my followers stated the following, “I haven’t found the one. I’m scared to love because I don’t want it to not work. And I just don’t feel like anyone is ready for the love I desire…genuine, patient love.” It’s safe to say that many of us may be thinking the exact way, we just don’t want to be wrong. But, the truth is we’ll never know if we never try.

I empathized with a young woman who admitted that no one loves her and that is why she’s not married. Which leads me to my next point, marriage is a beautiful union; however, let’s take the proper procedures to love on ourselves while we have time. And guess what? Eventually the love we desire will find us!

To conclude, happily ever after is truly a dream come true! But, remember that dreams don’t always come to reality as quickly as we like. So, whether you are single, almost taken , or somewhere in between; never give up and always stay true to your self. This quarantine is definitely giving a plethora of us a lot to think about, but don’t forget that happy beginnings are not too far ahead.

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