Everywhere I turn I hear the term “glow up,” Some ultimate glow up’s occurred last year. We have Cardi B of course, SZA, Kofi Siroboe, Issa Rae, Jess Hilarious.. and the list goes on.

But what does it REALLY mean?

Many automatically think of a physical transformation as soon as they hear the phrase.. but It’s more to it than you physically growing into the adult form.
From my experience, The Glow Up is a constant mental, physical, and spiritual process where you begin recognizing who you are, what you really want for yourself and actually believing that you deserve it and that it’s attainable.
Wholeheartedly accepting the mistakes you’ve made, what you have and where you are in life and deciding to make it shake with just that. The moment that you are able to find happiness within YOURSELF & what you DO, you have officially hit THE GLOW UP.

This process usually occurs in 5 stages:
1) Self Awareness
2) Change / Development
3) Commitment / Consistency to change
4) Acknowledgment
5) Confidence / Happiness

I have been dreaming about starting a blog since college, and I can honestly say that nothing was stopping me but ME.
I wasn’t AWARE of who I was, I wasn’t HAPPY with what I had, and I didn’t BELIEVE that I was capable of achieving it.. but look at me now *Chris Brown Voice*.
Now, I can boldly step out of my comfort zone and into my destiny because I am learning to be happy with MYSELF, to trust my talents and passions and enjoy my journey.
No, I am not where I want to be in life.. at all but
I am more AWARE of who I TRULY am and who I aspire to be and I am committed to making the CHANGES necessary to get what God has for me. I recognize that what I have achieved so far is GREAT and I am finally HAPPY with who I am and everything that I have.


This process is a JOURNEY, not a RACE and it is continuous. Don’t let the internet or anything else rush you. Each new level in life requires a new you so understand that this process is ongoing.
I know, a lot of your peers may be “shining” right now and it can be frustrating to watch, but you don’t see how hard they worked or what they’ve endured getting to that point. Don’t hate. GET TO WORK.
Stay steadfast on YOUR journey and focus on YOUR steps to success and watch God work it all out for you.”Stars don’t shine because they want to be seen. They shine because they are stars”- Alexander Den Heijer.
I want to see everybody GLOWING & GROWING.. especially #TeamPositiviTEA So let’s get the process started by asking ourselves two questions:

What is one thing that I can do DAILY to improve my life mentally, physically and spiritually?

Am I TRULY self-aware?

Many of us don’t really know if we are self-aware, on Saturday we will dive further into this topic and I will introduce a self-awareness assessment so that we can find out. Lets GLOW babbbyyy.
Be sure to follow me on social media @TheNuesstand and subscribe to my Youtube channel TheNuesstand. See you next time, have your cup ready for the #PositiviTEA.


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