Shit Happens! I can be sooooo dramatic when things don’t go as planned. I’f you can relate pull out your cup because it’s TEA TIME ☕️. I’m learning that it’s not things happening that truly affects you, its how you respond to it. Yes, I preach positiviTEA BUT  I have negative thoughts and days too. It’s easy to stay positive when shit hits the fan but I can honestly say that the outcome is different when you do.

When those times come I have 4 things that I turn to that always turn my negatives to positives and now I’m sharing them with you!

Let me spill this PositiviTEA!

First things first…


Stop the “WHOA is me” attitude. Putting your focus on what you don’t want to happen is what got you here anyway. CHANGE YOUR MINDSET! Starting thinking what can I learn from this situation and how can I benefit from this later.

What you perceive is what you get. Your situation or circumstance will never change if you don’t change your mind about it. Everything happens for a reason. If it’s not a blessing its a lesson.

2) it might sound cliche but… PRAY!!!

Staying connected and venting to God is key. Most times when we are in these dark, negative places  its because we’re so busy thinking about what we don’t have. Constantly reminding ourselves of what we lack which leaves us in constant NEED. Why? Because again, our focus is on what we DON’T WANT! Instead, we should express gratitude for what we do have and enjoy the journey itself.

I like to ask God renew and restore my mind and my thoughts so that they will be pleasing to him. I also vent and keep it real with him at all times. Stop trying to be so formal in prayer and just talk to him. He is your DIVINE FRIEND and knows your heart already. I’ll say things like Lord, I hate what I’m going through but I trust you and your will, I know that I’m being prepared for something much bigger than I can imagine. Greater is coming! Boom and I let it go.

3) Meditate

Starting my day off with just ten minutes of meditation makes everything so much lighter. Most times I use guided meditations from Youtube that speak positive affirmations. Guided meditations are good for beginners and people who can’t stop thinking. ME, lmao! They help me to quiet my mind while engaging in positive self talk and set my intentions for the day. How you spend the first hour of your day sets the tone for the next 24. Real talk, when people get under my skin at work if I’ve meditated I’ll brush it off and kill them with kindness. If I skipped mediation that day … well, you know Spirit customer service lmao.

Meditating and praying before you touch your phone or your feet touching the ground is very important. Its gonna take some adjusting but it definitely works wonders. Sometimes I catch myself scrolling before I’ve prayed or meditated I wont’t lie. I snap back, put the phone down and jump right into it. Baby steps ok! Change takes time.

4) Do things that elevate your mood

With this, you have to know yourself a little. What do you like to do? What makes you feel good no matter how your day has gone?

I love to talk so I will call one of my friends in a second to vent… because there is no judgment and I know that someone is listening to listen not to just respond. My friends are also gonna check me if necessary and sometimes it is. I also love to listen to music, dance, and spit a hot freestyle if Nuechie Lee is present. So sometimes I will literally sit in my car for hours and just let the music and lyrics take me away to a different mental space. If I have the house to myself I’ll reteach myself some old choreography or dance in the mirror to my favorite songs. When music and dancing don’t cut it I write in my journal. Sometimes its a poem, sometimes I’m just venting, most times it’s a prayer or positive self-talk. Maybe even some ideas I want to execute.

If shit is really real I will sit at the beach with my crystals and my notebooks and reflect. I like to submerge my entire body in the water, I honestly believe the ocean is cleansing and I release my thoughts and feelings with the waves.

In 2019 we are not allowing negative thoughts and vibes to bring us down and we aren’t going to be the NEGATIVE VIBE EITHER. We are elevating and vibrating higher, PERIOD.

How do you respond when negative things happen in your life? If you focus and dwell on it you only bring more of what you don’t want to you. Use these 4 techniques to keep your cup full of PositiviTEA. Feel free to tweek them and do what works best for you. Find a few things that bring you peace and happiness and do more of that. When you notice negativity creeping in check yourself or be checked by the universe. The choice is yours.

For a daily dose of PositiviTEA follow me on IG and Facebook @TheNuesstand. Until next time: Peace, Love, and PositiviTEA ☕️.

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