The internet is a breeding ground for positive ideas. Body positivity! Inclusiveness! Diversity! Mention any of these three things and I guarantee you the likes will pour in. Very seldom do people “keep that same energy” outside of the internet.  Well you have “people” and then you have Rihanna. When you think of her, many things come to mind. Singer, dancer, philanthropist, entrepreneur, trendsetter and the list goes on. It doesn’t matter if she’s dropping 40 shades of foundation for women of all colors and skin types through her makeup brand Fenty Beauty, or giving Victoria Secret’s a run for their money with her Lingerie line Savagex Fenty. Rihanna walks it like she talks it when it comes making products in which all women can indulge. It’s one thing to say “We carry all sizes.” It’s a whole nother thing to put all of those sizes on the runway in a fashion show. Not just any fashion show either, your first show to close out NYFW.  The #savagexfentynyfw18 was a beautiful display of solidarity and a unique celebration of womanhood.


If you missed the show you’re in luck! Check out the show in its entirety below. You can also shop all the looks from the fashion show on

*photos courtesy of getty images


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