Herstory has been made! The youngest self-made billionaire is a woman! According to CNBC Rihanna is worth 1.4 billion dollars making her the youngest self-made billionaire in the U.S.! Please give us a moment to scream YESSSSSSSS!!! Come on now, no handouts just straight hustle, music & entrepreneurial ventures on top of that making history HERSTORY? This is surely something we need to celebrate.

At just 34 she’s an absolute legend for her timeless music and makes being a boss look so easy! In the article it read just one of her businesses generated more than $550 million in 2020, we basically had to pause during the read to zoom in on the fact that this is all happening at the peak of a pandemic y’all!

This blog is for motivational purposes only because it is definitely giving if you want it bad enough you will stop at nothing to make that dream become your reality! She is the CEO of Fenty beauty a brand we all know and love, she’s a mom, she is EVERYTHING we need to know. about never giving up and doing what it takes to keep your dreams alive.

Ri-Ri is proof you can wake up and build the life you want to live!

Goooo Rihanna!

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